I started paddling in 2007 in Hawaii and immediately fell in love with the sport. Standup paddling was the perfect fit for me. I came from a background of running and endurance as a kid. After college, I decided to fulfill my other passion in water sports and moved to Maui, where I started windsurfing, surfing and kiteboarding. With standup paddling I found I was able to get the exercise and endurance training that I needed and was able to do it on the water. My perfect combination. I quickly started searching for races, which were hard to find back then, but eventually it lead to me being a full-time sponsored standup paddler.

I have competed in every type of standup paddle racing, flat water distance, open ocean distance, surf-style racing and downwinding races. I am best known for my ultra distance racing and open ocean channel crossing adventures.

I feel extremely lucky to have the sponsors that I have. I have the best gear and the best support that you could hope to have. As a sponsored athlete you end up with a lot of gear. The gear is top of the line, high performance, and every piece has a story behind it. The gear become like trophies and a story of my racing and adventures. I find it hard to part with but it also becomes a bit of a hoarding problem. So, Red Truck's Athlete Garage is very exciting to me. I have a chance to share gear with people who are going to appreciate it and understand the story that goes with it. Hopefully you build you own stories and adventures with the items I have chosen to share with you.


The perfect surfboard for almost anyone. Super surfy for a big guy like my husband at 6 foot 5, but fun and still surfy and manageable for someone smaller at 5 foot 7 like myself. A really easy board to surf and stand on while waiting for the next set. Or, also fun to cruise along the coastline on.

Perfect condition.

Custom shape by IGGY.

One of my favorite designs. A light weight carbon board. I love the versatility of this board. I used it for racing flat water, downwinding and surf style racing. This board is for a more advanced rider because of the width.

This board was used in many races and was used at Battle of the Paddle (BOP).

Slight dings on the left and right bottom rails that have both been fixed with epoxy. They don't affect the performance of the board but you can expect to have some repairs in a board that was used in the elite race at BOP.

Custom shape by IGGY.

Like the 14' Javelin LE, this is one of my favorite designs. It's sleek and light. This is the first 12'6 board design that I have ever liked. I used it mostly for surf style races or races that the women's class was designated as 12'6. It is great for a flat water, downwinding and surf style..

This board was used in the Battle of the Paddle Elite race and, believe it or not, is in perfect condition.

This paddle is the "Pipes" women's-specific SUP paddle. It is light and quick with a narrow profile. It is great paddle for women, which allows you to paddle for a longer time, with quick strokes and with less arm/shoulder fatigue. I used the "Pipes" paddle when I paddled in the SUP 11-city tour race through the Channels of Holland. It was a 5 day 220 kilometer race. I took first place.

This was one my first paddles from KIALOA. The pink blade has significance to me, as my mom is a breast cancer survivor. It's a great paddle but has one of the biggest blade sizes you can have from KIALOA. It can be a little big for most women but it's a beautiful paddle to use for cruising or to keep like a piece of art work.

This race took place in San Francisco, California in 2009. We paddled to the Golden Gate Bridge and then a full loop around Alcatraz. This was my first race against an International field or athletes. All the big names at the time were there. It was an amazing experience to paddle right along the shore of Alcatraz. I finished fourth.

The Jever Cup was an elite invitational in Hamburg, Germany in 2010. The event was top notch and showcased the best athletes from around the world. We did sprint racing and a distance race. I finished fourth in the sprint racing and third in the distance race.

This was a 39.8 mile race from Catalina island to Dana Point, California. It is done as a relay but I did solo. It was my first solo crossing, as well as the first female solo crossing to ever happen. The most spacial thing about that day and events is my encounter with a Minke whale that swam alongside me for 2 hours.

This race jersey is from the Second BOP in 2009. The Battle of the Paddle went on from 2008-2014. It was the Olympics of Standup paddling drawing competitors from all over the world. In 2009, my first BOP, you had to be invited into the Elite race. Battle of the Paddle never disappointed. The conditions always arose to the occasion. In 2009, the waves were huge throughout every section of the race, even the outside buoys. The inside, "the hammer" buoy lived up to its name and truly hammered all of us on giant closeout sets right in the impact zone. This jersey is especially special now because BOP has been retired. 

I used these sunglasses in racing and long distance adventure paddles. These glasses give razor sharp clarity and they are ultra-lightweight. You don't have to worry about them slipping off your nose or fogging up. They completely eliminate glare and you can focus on the water in front of you and even see what is underneath. 
I used these glasses when I completed 150 miles of channel crossings in the Channel Islands in California. My eyes were the only things that weren't tired I was finished. My eyes were completely protected.