About Red Truck


Tons of gear.
Thousands of stories.
All in one easy platform.

At one time the word “truck” meant “to exchange, trade or barter.” At that time the barter was carried out with other members of your own community; people you knew and, for the most part, trusted. The practice of trade within passionate communities has survived despite the conveniences of today’s marketplaces. Red Truck is here to streamline the experience of trading the gear you love with the people you trust.

What is Red Truck?

Born from an inspiration to connect people to world class gear while experiencing an authentic and lasting connection between athletes, brands, and causes, red truck is the meeting ground where some of the best sporting equipment around can be exchanged between top athletes and their fans.

We offer athletes and their brands a platform to support the causes they believe in while giving next level athletes access to best in class gear.

Red Truck works by creating a marketplace to sell top notch gear to aficionados of their sport through a verifiable and reliable exchange system, creating a win for both the athlete and fan.

For brands, Red Truck is a platform for authentic conversations with existing fans and a way to connect with new people already interested in the things they make. Causes get to celebrate their effort to make the world a better place while connecting with the people that care about what they do. And for the fan of world class sporting equipment, it’s a chance to acquire professional level gear from their favorite athletes.

Finally, for all, it’s a way to amplify the connection between athletes, the brands that sponsor them, and the causes they stand up for.

Join the Red Truck team and be a part of the intersection of athlete, fan, cause, and brand.