Amy Dixon


I am a visually impaired triathlete, patient advocate, and motivational speaker. I love representing the USA in international competition proudly, and volunteering for the organizations that make the lives of those living with disease and vision loss like myself BETTER. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life!

Amy Dixon is a highly sought-after expert Patient Advocate, Elite Paratriathlete, and motivational speaker, speaking on television and radio and at seminars around the world, on subjects pertaining to triumph over adversity, leadership, teamwork, rare disease management, patient advocacy, and how to achieve a full life despite devastating setbacks.

Amy lost 98% of her sight due to a rare type of Uveitis (an inflammatory autoimmune eye disease), and now travels the world with her guide dog Woodstock by her side,  speaking to groups about her passion for empowering patients to educate and advocate for themselves in the face of illness and disease. She is a Certified Wine Specialist from the Society of Wine Educators, with 20 years experience as a wine expert and educator, a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Institute for Public Speaking and Leadership, and is available to speak to groups of ANY size anywhere in the world.

Professional Athlete at World Triathlon and Vice-President at Glaucoma Eyes International.