Brad Huff

Brad Huff’s career on a bicycle started as a child at Spokes BMX track in Springfield, Missouri. After his first ride down the large start ramp and rolling through the first turn he was hooked for life. After getting “humbled” in high school track and field meets, Huff bought a mountain bike and started commuting to school to build his endurance. Although his running times got a little better, it was the on the bike that Huff excelled. The 2017 season is Huff’s 11th year as professional and he remains one of the fastest sprinters in the domestic peloton.

"I have lost far more than I have won. I have never let those countless losses blur my focused pursuit to find out what I am really made of. Grit has propelled my last 20 plus years of athletics and it will continue to drive my life beyond sport."

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