BH Bikes USA

BH Bikes USA


1909 – 2018

BH has been for over a century a synonym of bicycles, cycling, sportsmanship, and self-improvement. Many children have given their first turn of the pedals with a BH bicycle, and many legendary cyclists have also been created on our bikes.

The journey of BH (Beistegui Hermanos translated “Beistegui Brothers” ) in the industry was initiated in Eibar (Guipuzkoa, Spain), in 1909 as a result of the genius and enterprising spirit of three brothers: Cosme, Domingo and Juan Beistegui Albistegui.

The company, which was founded as an arms manufacturer, gave a radical 180-degree turn following the First World War, and it set out to provide a fast, comfortable and economical means of transport for the citizens of Eibar, Spain. The result was the development of very light, agile and reliable bicycles, and how one of the current cycling icons and one of the most successful and consolidated brands was born. From that point onwards and as a result of its technological advances and abiding commitment to sport, BH has achieved a series of sporting triumphs and has contributed several innovations to the world of cycling. Read more about BH.

Any BH bike sold on Red Truck helps support the Challenged Athletes Foundation.


  • New In-Box
  • UNSTOPPABLE WHEN THE ROAD TILTS UP. LIGHTWEIGHT AND INCREDIBLY RESPONSIVE. The meticulously-designed EVO is among the world's lightest frames.
  • Surefooted and responsive with remarkable descending manners, the EVO pairs gossamer weight with instantaneous power transfer.
  • Shipping Included
  • Proceeds support the Challenged Athletes Foundation


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