Sam Day Foundation

Sam Day Foundation

The brutality of cancer treatment is something a kid should never have to experience.

But in September of 2010, nine-year-old Sam Day was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare and relentless bone cancer.

His treatment was so intense it required inpatient chemotherapy for days at a time, daily shots and an amputation of his left leg below the knee.

At diagnosis, he was said to have a 75% chance of surviving five years or more. But after one year of remission, Sam relapsed and his prognosis became extremely poor.

For six years Sam endured multiple treatment regimens, clinical trials, 20 surgeries, and one off-label drug (not FDA approved for pediatric cancers). His family sought treatment from the best oncologists in the country and became committed to strict nutritional and naturopathic therapies.

During his six-year battle, Sam’s family and friends began to raise funds for the development of a targeted drug for Ewing Sarcoma in the hopes that Sam would live long enough to receive that new and promising treatment.

Sam died on August 27th, 2016 at age 15, never having the opportunity to receive that breakthrough drug.

Sam Day Foundation