Chris DeMarchi Leads the Way

DiMarchi at the Murrieta Criterium. Photo courtesy of Danny Munson.
Professional cyclist, business owner, product developer, entrepreneur, and team founder. It is safe to say that Chris DeMarchi stays busy and has a large network of friends. A seven-time national champion, DeMarchi has traveled the world for professional races and is a key figure in the Southern California cycling scene. Still, he chuckled with excitement as he explained how a connection through his Monster Media Racing team recently led to a bike ride with stock car driver Jimmie Johnson. What a feeling it is to connect with our heroes in sport.
DeMarchi and Jimmie Johnson compare helmet hair after a long ride. Photo courtesy of DeMarchi.

Eight years ago DeMarchi pulled together cycling buddies Phil Tintsman and Steve Remy and launched the Monster Media Racing Team. As the first-ever national focused cycling team with the primary function of being a marketing agency, that 11-man chapter was based in Southern California and consisted mostly of masters level athletes. Today Monster Media Racing is comprised of eleven chapters spread out across the U.S. and as far as Mexico and Switzerland. The team has acquired over 450 athletes and is able to offer them heavy discounts from the twenty companies that have signed up as partners. DeMarchi is happy with this organic growth, most of it occurring over the past two years, but he has plans to launch a more aggressive campaign in 2019. As stated on the Monster Media Racing website, the team’s mission is “to create the most powerful engaged cycling activist network in the United States with a focus on the cultivation and enjoyment of healthy competitive cycling.” Evidence of the dedication to this objective is witnessed not only in the team’s growth but in their celebration and support of the six cyclists who previously trained with Monster Media Racing and are now on the professional world tour.

DeMarchi and Phil Tintsman. Photo credit: Mike Khoe.
 DeMarchi demonstrated his athletic range five years ago when he switched gears and began competing in triathlons. By embracing and enjoying the new challenges brought on by running and swimming in competition, Demarchi was able to make drastic improvements, especially in the swim, and he recorded wins at several Ironman events. The decision to shut down that chapter in his life came after the 2016 Ironman World Championship in Kona because as he stated, “Training to win in triathlons is a full-time commitment.” Time for training can be elusive for any high-level athlete but when you consider that the 46-year-old DeMarchi has run his own window cleaning business for the past 16 years and recently launched a line of anti-chafing cream, which he manages and markets himself, it’s a wonder that he is still able to ride over 200 miles per week.
Augusta Ironman 70.3. Photo courtesy of C. DeMarchi.
Post Ironman celebration with Rachel Tarin Jorgensen. Photo courtesy of DeMarchi.
 Next up on DeMarchi’s calendar is the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride in Carlsbad, California on April 15. This 140-mile course boasts 13,000 feet of climbing, 14 water crossings, and 40 miles worth of dirt and sand. Although he doesn’t consider himself a contender for the win, DeMarchi commented “It is fun to compete against the top pros,” and added that he is looking to use his experience to his advantage and outsmart the competition when possible. The Red Truck team is excited to join DeMarchi in Carlsbad and witness our own hero take on the brutal waffle course.