Rachelle Jorgensen Finds Huge Gains in the Triathlon

Rachelle Jorgensen was a stay-at-home mom in her late thirties when she decided to start training for triathlons in an effort to reduce stress in her life. Very quickly she found out both how competitive she was and how welcoming the tri community was for women. Her first year in the sport, Jorgensen won the Ironman at Lake Steven and finished sixth at the Ironman World Championship 70.3. During her seven-year competitive career, she racked up numerous wins and was sponsored by TYR, Powerbar, KSwiss, and others. Along the way, Jorgensen also gained an understanding of how important it was for her to invest in her own health.

Jorgensen in action.
Jorgensen in action on the Felt TT bike.

“Participating in triathlons is all about yourself, your health, and your well-being,” she stated before going on to add, “As a mom we sometimes forget about ourselves because we are focused on the kids, but in order to take good care of your family you need to take care of your own health as well.” By breaking into the sport Jorgensen found a fun environment where she met many like-minded people. These days Jorgensen encourages women, and especially mothers, to set apart time for themselves and ensure that their own health is also a priority.

Jorgensen transitions from the bike to the run. 
Jorgensen and her boyfriend, Chris DeMarchi, stop for a cold one on a ride in Switzerland.

Up for auction now is Jorgensen’s beautiful Felt time trial bicycle. “This is the sexiest bike I’ve ever seen,” she mentioned. The bike is made purely for speed with phenomenal aerodynamics and a “bento box” on the top tube for food storage. “I want the bike to go to a good home, to someone who will love it as much as I have.” Jorgensen has good reason to love this bike as it carried her through two Ironman World Championships in Kona and recorded the course record at Ironman Arizona. Proceeds from the sale of the bike go to the World Bike Relief. Find full details on the auction page.