Red Truck Partnerships

Building Partnerships with Athletes, Causes and Brands-Relationships counts

We are really lucky to have such great partners at Red Truck. Relationships are critical to building trust, connecting authentically and building a communication pipeline that serves the athlete, causes, and brands.

The Magnitude of bringing something new and innovative to the market requires consistent research and interaction with every group that we interact with to help identify a problem that exists in order to create a positive solution. This solution of the problem is the key component that drives the business.

Red Truck’s principles and values are founded on a few key things…

Quality-Only high-quality product and gear pass through Red Truck’s platform.

Authenticity– We do our best to provide and deliver authentic experiences and product through Red Truck

Stewardship– How can what we do make a difference.

Heroes– We celebrate the everyday heroes doing their thing and we want to help share their stories.

Superior Experience- We are obsessed with creating a superior experience whether you are an athlete, cause, brand or buyer of the product. We seek input every day to blend the personal and technology to create that superior experience.

Planet- Red Truck is creating the ecosystem for high-quality gear with stories to live on and by living on we are helping reduce the waste on our planet.  By creating this ecosystem for high-quality gear to live on we see the increase in access to sports that might not otherwise be accessible.

It is easy to build relationships that intersect on a variety of levels that reinforce the brand values and personality.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is one of those organizations that allowed us to see the possibilities in the partnerships that helped define us. We spent time at the Junior Seau Adaptive Surf Camp and felt that through our platform we could help get more kids involved.

We spoke with athletes who were willing to part with their storied gear to benefit foundations like the CAF.  

One of our biggest challenges was in the area of logistics. There happened to be a great company located in Portland Oregon that has grown to one of the most effective bike logistic companies in the world. It started with a simple conversation over lunch and grew to a great partnership that helped solve the peer to peer logistics problem everyone thought we had. Bike Flights not only does a great job transporting bikes but they have their own giveback program that helps many foundations in the industry.

The key part of a story is the authentic connection to that athlete and their gear. I loved this one service that helped people locate bikes that were stolen from them and I call it the Amber Alert for bikes. Bike Index is an amazing service and is a non-profit. We love the fact that we can work with them and register bikes sold through Red Truck to register the ownership and authenticity of the bike as it continues its journey.

The relationships that are fostered as Red Truck forms as a platform are not only critical to the success of the brand but essential in identifying the problems and with strong connections in place the problems become opportunities to solve.

We look forward to building more relationships with athletes, causes, brands and ultimately our customer benefits as these evolve.