Some great thoughts from our Founder

“I have to admit that this is the hardest thing I have ever done”. Michael Bergmann

However, I feel stronger than ever that Red Truck is providing a solution for athletes of all levels to connect with each other. The ability to interconnect an ecosystem that is not aligned today by connecting an athlete, their story, their beliefs and their gear to inspire a new generation aspiring to be like them….the effort is worth it.

Red Truck has been busy since the last article written.

I spent most of my career working with athletes in every sport and developing high-quality footwear for them to perform their craft. (KG3, TD, Gabby Reece, Picabo Street, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal) I spent the final part of my time at Nike as the Global Director fo Sustainability working with innovation, design, development, and manufacturing to lessen the environmental impact of creating the new product.

I would share with designers that if they could create something that created a minimal amount of waste or create a product high quality enough to last beyond one owner.

I would love to help create an ecosystem for product to live on and create new value for a consumer or cause.

Red Truck‘s platform is part of the solution in creating that ecosystem The other part of the solution is driven by the athletes, teams, brands and causes working together.

It has taken me 3 long years of interviews with athletes, engineers, investors, brands, foundations, and consumers to weave this web together. I have connected with athletes at in a variety of sports from running, triathlon, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, sports fishing and even musicians.

The insight I have derived from these conversations is driving the vision and mission of Red Truck as we work through some of the technical challenges but intersect it with the real stories, human connection passion for the sport as well as helping others.

We are trying to help athletes elevate themselves as their own brands by creating a platform for them to share their story. Their story is shared and gear that they have used to create that story inspires others and it allows a unique connection between the athlete and those that aspire to be like them.

The research that I have derived from athletes as to why they hold onto their gear is because it has an emotional connection to an amazing experience that they had and it is hard to let that go. Red Truck will help them tell that story and the consumer that buys their gear will not only appreciate that story but they will be able to continue the story and the journey of that gear.

We are initially partnering with Monster Media Racing which has 20 chapters and over 400 cyclists on their team around the world. They are sponsored by MASI. They have the opportunity to purchase new team bikes every year. Last year’s bikes are lightly used product and by selling them through Red Truck Masi knows where their bikes end up, Monster Media and Red Truck are able to partner and share our story. The Challenged Athletes Foundation and other foundations that we work with will receive at least 5% of every transaction that goes through Red Truck.

We are starting with cycling but speaking to groups in all the sports listed above. (Triathlon, Surf, Ski, Golf, Sportfishing and even Music) Our goal is to make it as seamless for the athlete as possible and create this ecosystem for gear to live on responsibly. We see this as a way to provide new sources of revenue for causes that athletes, teams, brands, and consumers support.

The great news is that our investors think the same way we do the success that they have built off of their companies intersects innovation, technology, sports, and nutrition.

Red Truck sits at the intersection of athletes, gear and causes.

We believe in creating a technology platform that makes it easy for athletes to share and sell and create a new connection between these three entities.

We continue to bring partnerships with like-minded athletes, causes, brands, and events. We had the chance to visit one of the legends of women’s cycling in December and help jumpstart the Inga Thompson Foundation that in turn connected us to another great foundation ( Homestretch Foundation) that supports professional female cyclists in a training environment. Our informal partnerships with Bike Flights and Bike Index enable us to intersect the ecosystem that just needs connecting where it is mutually beneficial to all.

Come join us at Red Truck if you are an athlete, cause, brand, event or fan. We are looking for high-quality gear that we know has a story to tell and a cause that needs the help to thrive.

We would love to hear from you and have you part of this journey as we grow.

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