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Hey, excellent job on completing the 1st step to selling your gear on Red Truck. We are very excited to have you trust us in helping your gear find a new home.

One of our Garage Managers will contact you shortly to help you complete your gear listing. We like to make sure your gear gets the best attention.

To help us speed things up and get your gear listed fast, please have the available information ready for the Garage Manager.

  1. Minimum total money (net), you want to receive after the 5% deduction to your favorite Charity. Red Truck charges 15% and this includes any transaction fees you would normally pay such as Paypal fee.
  2. Any Gear Specs 
  3. Any great story or memories you have of the gear that you want to pass on the new owner. 
  4. Any additional photos of the gear. Usually, we like to post at least 3 total images.